venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

A lot of several sheet music from Australia is the new addition for the Showroom today. These wonderful sheets, with lyrics included, have an exclusive picture sleeve, different from the UK & the U.S, releases (especially the "Off the wall" ones). The singles taken from "Thriller" got an album picture sleeve - like the U.S. set - but this time, with different colour shades, which makes this set unique. The effort for these sheets for the singles discography of Michael is big - spanning a carrer of 30 years, from "Ben" to "Hold my hand", and their prices not always worth their purchase. I suggest to all the collectors who wants to get them, to be patient and wait for a good seller to find'em in mint conditions and without writings or damages...but - most important thing - at a good price : sometimes, buying them in lots could be a good deal, to save money on shipping costs that are often too high.

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