mercoledì 15 febbraio 2017

DECADE 1979-1989

We saw some daysd ago the unreleased "Butterflies" single. Now we havce, here, another "urban legend". In 1989, 2 years after the release of "Bad", Michael was planning a greatest hits release. Its name was "Decade 1979-1989". The idea was to release a double record with some classic hits and 4 unreleased songs. Who owns the last "Black & white" magazine issue, probably noticed the artowrk of the album (whenever it's true or not, I don't know), where the 4 "unreleased" tracks were : "It doesn't really matter" (work-in-progress of Who is it), "Come together" (released only on the movie "Moonwalker" at the time), "Heal the world" and another Beatles cover..."Strawberry fields forever"!! I wonder if it excist a complete demo of this song, and if Michael ever record it.
By the way...Michael had enough new songs to release a full album, so the double compilation lp turned into "Dangerous", a 14 new songs album. The idea of the double "hits" record became reality then with the release of the "HIStory" cd in 1995.
"Black & white" says only 3 copies of this album were relased, 2 of them owned by Sony employees (1 of them it's possibly Tommy Mottola?). In the pictures you can see alsoi an alternatiuve artwork, a first representation of Michael's eyes turned then in the well-known Dangerous circus cover.

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