Welcome, MJ collector!
I'm a Michael Jackson fan and I live in Italy. 
My love for the King of Pop began in 1990, when a schoolmate gave me a "Moonwalker" videocassette, telling me "you have to watch this!". Well, I did it.
I love records since the age of 5. My parents always said I was a kid with a portable record-player around the arm, and the skill to recognize a record without reading its label (!). 
I started collecting Michael at the end of 1991, at the age of 13, exactly when "Dangerous" appeared on the record shop shelves. 
One of the first "bricks" of the Showroom "building" was the "Black or white" austrian cd-single.
Piece by piece, year after year, my collection grew. From 1992 to 2003, I was an hard weekly record-shops visitor, and I went to a several record fairs in Italy.
Then, in 2005, something changed : Ebay showed me a new way to find rare records, and I've got the keys of a whole new world  of collectables, and suddenly my groundworks and explorations spread all over the web.
In 2015 I decided to share all my infos,my knowledges,my improvements with the large community of MJ collectors and fans. 
The project began with the Facebook page "The Michael Jackson Showroom", developed now in this blog, with major details regarding the whole discography of the King of Pop.
"The museum, my showroom, is now open.
Here you can watch everything I have in my collection : all the records, the rarest and the common, infos about past and future releases, pictures divided by format,most wanted and previously unseen records." 

This is my presentation. All it's here, this is my world, my passion under the spotlights. I hope YOU, visitor, or collector like me, will like this blog and use it as a reference just like I'm doing right now.
Michael Jackson was, probably, the greatest entertainer in the world. He transformed the art of music videos, and paved the way for the modern pop music. HIS legacy must go on, and this blog is proud to be an active part of it...
...with L. O. V. E.


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  1. Hi, How do I contact you? Would be great to talk Michael collectibles :)

    1. Hello Matt, you can contact me on Facebook - my name is Riccardo Moonwalker, or straightly on the Showroom facebook page. Just click on the banner on the left side of this page!

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