giovedì 2 febbraio 2017


Butterflies was planeed as a third single release from the album "Invincible". Then something went wrong, and we all know the sad story. The album's promotion was met with trouble due to internal conflicts going on between Sony Music Entertainment and Jackson due to issues with his ownership with the company and the contract to this deal with Sony that was originally signed back in 1991. Not wanting to sign away his ownership in Sony Music Entertainment, Michael elected to leave the company shortly after the album's release.After the announcement, Sony halted promotion on the album, cancelling single releases, including a 9/11 charity single ("What more can I give?") that was intended to be released before Invincible.
After "You rock my world" and "Cry", at least 4 singles should have been released, following the promotion plans : "Butterflies", "Unbreakable", "Break of dawn" and "Whatever happens". Unfortunately, this didn't happen. Neverthless, "Butterflies" was only a radio single - peaking at a respectable #14 on Billboard Hot 100 only with radio airplay - and the track was released only on promo cd and on 2 different 12'' given to U.S. radio stations . The cd should include 4 tracks, including the "Master mix feat.Eve" and the "Acappella" version.
In the picture, you can see the single artwork.

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