sabato 30 settembre 2017



Today there's not a record in this space, but a wonderful set of mini cosbaby; Cosbaby are little figures representing celebrities with a baby face. Each cosbaby stands 3 inches/7 cm tall. Michael Jackson got 8 different versions, each with its unique design from some of his music videos and live performances.

This set is made of 9 figures,
6 designs + 1 secret version + 2 extra version:
- Billie Jean
- History
- Black or White
- Moonwalker
- Thriller ( regular version)
- Thriller ( werewolf version)
- Plus one SECRET version (Thriller Yellow eye)
- Plus one SPECIAL version (Thriller college jacket)

- Plus one VARIANT version (Thriller Zombie) 

SECRET Cosbaby and SPECIAL cosbaby are the rarest among the whole lot. The special one (with the iconic Thriller college jacket) comes with a different red box.
What you can see in this picture is the VERY FIRST cosbaby edition, with a Moonwalker-designed little box and a display box for shops!
Lately, the whole cosbaby set have been reissued with a black box package including MJ classic logo.

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