domenica 1 gennaio 2017

2009 - Opus media group

This week, the most important post of the Showroom is dedicated to THE book. With its heavy weight (something about 12 kg - 26,5 lbs!!), and its 400 pages this Michael "encyclopedia" featuring hundreds of unreleased pictures, drawings by Nate Giorgio, arts, career infos, tributes from other artists involved in Michael's world and music (Quincy Jones, John Landis to name a few), stories, curiosities and anything you can imagine about Michael Jackson.
The book is stored in a 13''x18'' red-tissued clamshell box with a black drawing by Nate Giorgio showing Michael in a classic dancing pose. Inside the box, you'll find a white glove : a clear homage to Michael's glove, as well as a necessary object to turn the pages without the risk to leave fingerpints on it. This book is literally amazing, even though it's hard to read and even harder to turn its pages because of its weight and its big size.
I bought this book just a few months after its release, in London, straightly to the Opus shop. Now it's sold out on the official Opus site, but it's still possible to get it on several auction sites.
When I've got it, I found in the Opus shop a lot of lithographies signed by Michael, as well as several books dedicated to other artists (if I should mention one, I will say "Walt Disney"). A must-have for all the MJ's collectors!!

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