sabato 13 agosto 2016

HOLLAND 12'' EPIC 6629506 "LP EDIT"
Apparently the same record - as you can see in the pictures - the dutch (and the most common) press of TDCAU have been released in 2 versions : one includes the "LP edit" (PICTURES #3 & #4) as first song on the side A, the other includes the "Single version" (PICTURES #3 & #5) instead of the "LP edit". 
Both versions have banned lyrics, because MJ was accused of using anti-semitic lyrics ("Jew me,Sue me,everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, don't you black or white me"). 
Michael stated that he did not mean any offense and on multiple occasions denied anti-Semitism. The dispute regarding the lyrics ended with Jackson replacing them.
The "LP edit" is just a shorter version of the original album song, where the banned lyrics were "erased" in a different and not properly professional way with a simple "copy & paste" of other lyrics. This version was produced immediately after the allegations, just a few weeks after the HIStory release, and probably done with hurry : this explains the poor care in the replacing mix process. 
The remixed Single version has additional arrangements and banned lyrics with effects, and it has been remixed later, probably considering the poor result of the previous mix.
Anyway, in Europe, cd single #1 and first press of 12''s were released with the LP edit , cd single #2 and vinyl reissue have the "Single version".
Just another observation: the "LP edit" version curiously appears only on european releases : probably Sony thought that the version without effects had major appeal on european radio airplays than the other one.
In any case, Sony did some mess with this release, but a true collector should be happy about that!

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