venerdì 26 agosto 2016

ITALY DVD STORM MOVIE 8131098 100203

2009 was a sad year for all MJ's fans, but a lot of cds reissues, dvds,books and everything concerning the king appeared in shops from all over the world.
In Italy, "The legend continues" got a re-release by Storm Movie several times. So I went in one shop one day and I saw it with a blue sleeve. Nice,I bought it. After 2 months I couldn't believe what I saw...same picture,same details but...something looked different. And my eyes can't lie...indeed,Michael is dancing on the left side of the picture sleeve, while on the other I previously bought was dancing on the right side! Nice! I bought this too. But this is not the end of the saga: in that same period, the same dvd appeared in an exclusive edition for italian newspaper shops (with a special cardboard glued in the back) (purchase #3) and once again after a few it is AGAIN! "The Legend" dvd but...this time with yellow background (and with a poster included inside the box)! 4 reissues in 6 months, something crazy, isn't it? 

Here they are the 4 italian "Storm movie" versions.
P.S. And by the way...there's a fifth version. The first DVD release in Italy...but it's distributed by another company, "DVD-GO".

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