sabato 4 novembre 2017

EPIC/SONY LEGACY 88985480231

You're right, Halloween has gone but...just a few days before the ghoulish party, some new "Scream"-related items arrived in the Showroom. This is the chosen one:the beautiful "glow-in-the-dark" 2 lp set. This set is wonderful:it contains 2 vinyls, one white/pale yellow colour and the other with a "splattered-stars" blue:if you let them take some daylight, when you put it on the turntable - and you close the windows - the records remains both luminous! Also a portion of the sleeve make the same effect. Apart its content (not happy with it, I wonder why they incluided "Leave me alone" instead of "Is it scary" in an Halloween songs selection), this format release looks very catchy and interesting. And then:this record marks the first "augmented reality" effect:just use the Shazam camera on your smartphone, and watch the crows floating all around the sleeve!
I'm in love with this record and it's nice to play it in this cold autumn nights; my point of view is that these vinyls are a nice addition to the collection.
I know a lot of people could be disappointed by this post, but I don't care:I'm a collector, a RECORD collector and Branca or not Branca, Sony or not Sony, to be or not to be, I've always decided to do what I consider the best for all I've done in almost 30 years:collecting.
So please don't blame me about that:
just blame it on the boogie (man)!

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