domenica 20 agosto 2017


           HAPPY BIRTHDAY     
I would like to dedicate this post to the most beautiful, kind, lovable and careful creature on earth. I met her because of Michael 20 years ago, and through all this time she has been a part of my life. The best one, I think. And she always will be.
Happy birthday, Cimmietta!! 
My one and only "Someone in the dark" you.

MCA 70000
(Back to back with E.T. The Storybook U.S. edition)

The new item to add to the Showroom collection today, is a wonderful - and hard-to-find in mint conditions - U.K. pressed "E.T. - The storybook" edition.
As you can see in the pictures, it looks different to the most common U.S. version; the label, infact, carries the writing "made in England" and much more infos of the american one. In the back, you have to watch the MCA records logo to see some different details. And then, the colours of the front sleeve looks clearer in the english version (the E.T. logo is white pink, the U.S one is lilac), and last but not least...the U.S. version comes with the big sticker, while the UK apparently does not have a sticker (the copy I've got was
This is the 4th E.T. boxset in the Showroom, and the 5th edition of the album itself in this collection.

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