mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

If you saw or visited in the past months my Facebook page, you'll know what you are going to see.
For all the new visitors, you are entering inside my "room" to see my Michael Jackson collection.
You can click on every section on the homepage to see my catalogue (all the stuff is in a chronological order, divided in formats - front side of the homepage is Michael Jackson soloist career, left side is dedicated to The Jacksons, right side to the Jackson 5 discography). 
Then,day by day, you'll find new posts with infos,analysis,curiosities,details regarding the whole MJ discography, from its beginning with the Jackson 5 to nowadays. 
This will be a place too for discussions,threads and opinions : if you want you can write and add a comment, or if you see something wrong or missing...(and believe me, it's possible, the"work" you see here it's harder and bigger than what I might think) I am! I'm still ready to talk about this passion with you all!!!
Now, let me introduce you the kind of posts you'll find here:
- The RECORD OF THE WEEK post contains 1 item chosen from the rarest in my collection.
- The BLAST FROM THE PAST post will show several infos posted on Facebook in the previous months.
- The TODAY'S ON THE AIR post will contain lyrics of a song I'm going to listen to, with pictures of 1 rare item related to the song.
- The MOST WANTED post will show you an item missing in the Showroom that I'm still looking for.
- The INFOS post, the most common, with different titles each time,will give you all the details regarding 1 item or a series of items.
- The TODAY'S WELCOME post will show you the new addings and the latest purchases - and this post will appear randomly.
Are you ready to enter the Showroom?? You're always welcome!

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